Final Re-Entry Plan

Answers to Questions Posed at the Special Community Board Meeting


  1. Will Staff and teachers also have temperature/health checks? Yes
  2. What happens when a teacher/student tests positive?  The School will work with the Tri-County Health Department on CDC protocol and appropriate quarantine needed for individuals testing positive as well as contacts.
  3. What action will be taken if any parent fails to provide masks to their children? The District will provide a mask.   Will the school accept donations of masks and water bottles for use of these students in need?  Yes and thank you
  4. How often will playground equipment be sanitized?  At the end of each day or before the start of recess the next day
  5. Will each bus seat be filled back to front or will a row be skipped in between?  The buses will be filled back to front. However, due to the number of students on each bus, it is impossible to skip seats between students.  Based on the number of students per bus, there may be an opportunity to leave empty seats between rows.  The seatbacks may serve as a barrier due to their height.
  6. Are our kids required to wear masks in the classrooms as well as in the hallways?  At this time, masks are only required while students are not in classrooms.  Students may choose to wear masks during class times.  However, this may change based on information from our local health agency. 
  7. While wearing the masks what precautions are you taking to prevent hypoxia or legionnaires?  A Doctor’s order can recommend no mask to be worn in School if a student is at high risk.  If a student is unable to wear a mask a shield will be provided.
  8. Will the attendance policy still be in place for Jr high and high school?  Regular semester exams?  Yes but the policy has changed due to Covid guidance.  Please refer to the Student Handbooks for updated policies.  We will not be rewarding students for missing three or less days of school per semester.  Semester tests will only be given, as required by college level classes.  No awards for attendance will be given this year. 
  9. What are the protocols for fans and families at football games and sporting events?  At this time it is the responsibility of the fans to social distance as needed.  There are no specific protocols on limiting fans.  However this may change based on guidance from our local health department.  Hosting schools will post guidelines for their facilities, which we will share on our website.  Please bring chairs to all away outdoor events. 
  10. Will there be hand sanitizer available entering and exiting the classroom and busses?  Yes, it will be provided for classrooms and busses.
  11. What is the protocol if a student's parent gets COVID or someone at the parent’s workplace gets it?  The Tri-County Health Department will be notified and the School will work with them on the next steps to take depending on the situation.
  12. When and where will students be required to wear a mask if at all as well as staff?

At this time, masks are only required while students and staff are not in classrooms.  Students and staff may choose to wear masks during class times.  However, this may change based on information from our local health agency. 

  1. At what point would we shut down the school and go to distance learning?  The Tri-County Health Department and State will help the School govern this.
  2. Are there going to be online classes available from the beginning of the school year for parents who are not comfortable sending their kids to school?  No
  3. I have a kindergarten student who was born with a heart condition asthma, a weak immune system.  Are there home school options?  Yes, please see your building administrator.
  4. Sanitizer regular signizer breaks out and dries, my sons/kids hands are pretty bad.  We are natural and have a silver sanitizer, they will always have on them.  I wanted to make sure all would let them do that?  That is fine I can send information on what we use if needed.  Kills flu and that is just as good if not better.
  5. What will you do in the event when a child has a compromised immune system that has the same signs as Co-VID?  If a student is high risk and has possible symptoms of Co-Vid then it will be highly recommended to see a physician for further evaluation.   How do you tell the difference?  A Doctor will determine the difference between Co-Vid symptoms vs. other illnesses.
  6. What happens when teachers with kids here have a positive case in their school?  We will follow the guidelines recommended by the county health department.  Each case will be assessed on an individual basis.  Everyone has been exposed, what is the plan?
  7. Will youth sports be allowed?  At this time, yes, but subject to change based on health department guidelines.
  8. In a one parent household where the parents work full time and has a second job that won’t allow the child to be on a computer for the full 8 hours, how much time will be given for H/W to be due in the classroom?  If we go virtual, students will be expected to follow their normal school schedule.  Homework will be due as assigned.  Class times and assignments will be modified to cut down on screen fatigue.  This will be a work in progress. 
  9. Grandparents keeping kids farm full-time and may not have internet access all the time, again how will H/W be handled as far as due dates?  This will be addressed on an individual basis.  Parents should contact teachers and administration for extenuating circumstances. 
  10. Title classes and Speech Title classes will continue for those in need of services.  Case managers will be contacting the families with students on IEPs to come up with an individualized plan for the students' services if we were to go to distance learning.
  11. While in PE, is the child required to wear a mask during the activity?  No mask will be required during PE activities.  Having a daughter with asthma, she may need to have it off until she is comfortable breathing.
  12. Will there be discipline if children are caught without masks?  It will be treated as a dress code violation.  We will use this as an educational process.  If the behavior is continual, parents will be notified. 
  13. Who supplies masks for students?  Parents are expected to supply masks for students.  If this is not possible, the District will provide a mask. 
  14. If there any reason to be concerned about mask use that may be harmful to students?  We are always concerned with the safety of our students.  We continue to listen to the advice of our county health department.  If they inform us of particular masks causing issues, we will relay the information to students, parents, and faculty. 
  15. Who will supply water bottles for students to use? Parents are expected to supply water bottles for students.  If this is not possible, the District will provide a water bottle. 
  16. If a student has an underlying health issue and cannot wear a mask, what will happen?  A shield will be provided for students who, for health reasons, are not able to wear a mask. 
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